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Study Tips For Online Learning

Posted on May 21, 2018

Studying for tests and exams can be stressful and studying for online tests is no different. Although online learning is more convenient than traditional forms of education - it is not easier. To successfully complete the online courses, you need to consider these unique online study tips.

When it comes to online exams normal late-night cram sessions won’t cut it, here are tips and tricks to help you prepare for your online course exams.

Understand Online Learning

To master something, we first need to understand it – and the first thing you need to understand about online learning is that it is not the easiest way of educating yourselves but rather a more convenient one. To successfully study online courses, one needs to have effective skills in time management. You will need to be able to dedicate a significant amount of your time to attending courses, reading your given material and putting your hours in. In addition to this you may need to be willing to take on the following:

  • Participate in virtual classroom discussions
  • Work effectively in teams
  • Be tech savvy or learn how to become tech savvy
  • Take initiative
  • Be self-disciplined

Reliable Internet Connection & Storage

Technology, for the most part, is unreliable, and glitches happen that throw us off all the time. To avoid mishaps, computer crashes or loss of work ensure you save your work and back up your set tasks, reading the material, professors contact details and assignments regularly - using a hard drive, cloud storage, Google documents or drop box. A reliable internet connection will ensure you stay up to date with your E-class, current online learning courses and any schedules despite any accidents.

Identify Your Goals

To stay motivated and on track with your online courses make sure that you keep your goals and study objectives at the forefront of your mind. Make a visualization board or write up your goals or a list of things you hope to achieve and put them in your designated study space. These learning goals can pave the road to educational success.

Study Space

Whatever your choice of study space, whether it be your kitchen, living room, or bedroom you need to ensure your space is quiet, organized, distraction-free and available at your disposal – as well as comfortable – but not too comfortable. For online learners, a good study space is essential as they don’t have dedicated classrooms or study centres whose sole purpose is to facilitate learning. Your study room should enable your study routine and make learning efficient.

Side note: Ask friends, colleagues and relatives to respect your unorthodox study space. You should also consider making your study space a no phone zone, logging and turning off all social media networks as to not allow temptation to distract you.

Plan Ahead

Never wait until the night before to start an assignment. ‘Cramming’ will only leave you stressed and may even prevent you from effectively completing your task to the best of your ability.

Side note: Make a calendar or a google calendar of when all your assignments are due to all the way until you online course is complete.

Create To-Do-Lists

A to-do-list is the cornerstone of good organizational skills. At the start of each week make a prioritized to-do-list of all the assignments and task that need to be complete. This is a good way to motivated when completing your tasks and a way to stay focused on staying on top of your workload.

Time Limits

Sticking to set time limits will help you develop self-discipline and better your time management skills. Before you begin taking on your studying, give your task a set time limited in which they need to be completed by.

Review, Revise and Repeat

Review, revise, repeat is the infamous study mantra we are all familiar with. We know that this improves our memory as well as our overall academic performance. If you are not particularly tech savvy you should practice your way around the computer before any major test or exam to ensure your performance is hindered by your inability to make your way around the computer.

Take Study Breaks

If you are feeling unmotivated, feeling tired or frustrated your performance will decrease while you study. Try and insert some personal time into your study schedule – a little change of scenery, renewed energy and a clear mind you will be able to maintain a consistent focus and energy level throughout your studies.

Sleep and Eat Right

Getting enough sleep and eating right also play a big part in your performance. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep and enough good food and water will allow you to maintain high energy levels allowing you to work more effectively while partaking in your online courses.


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